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Would you prefer if I posted my work in separate steps (i.e. 1st draft, 2nd draft, and final copy), or would you prefer if I posted only the whole finished picture? Just curious. n_n 

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Y-M-P Crossover Part 10: Salutations (Final Copy) by animefan-no1
Y-M-P Crossover Part 10: Salutations (Final Copy)
Follow up to part 9 Y-M-P Crossover Part 9: Travel to Yoshis Island by animefan-no1.

Took several hours, but couldn't stand to leave the piece unfinished. As mentioned in the drafts, Yoshi has led Azalea, Riolu and co. to the Yoshis Island home area, and quickly gets down to introductions. Azalea looks on nervously but happy to meet everyone, Riolu and Little T. looking on in wonder, Kamelia slightly unnerved due to the magikoopas reputation on Yoshis Island after a certain baby-stealing incident, Luigi looks surprised mainly because alongside all the yoshis and such, there are 2 humans living with them, too, helping out with looking after the yoshis home, helping with eggs, firewood and fruit.  Both the humans don't seem surprised at all, compared to the many yoshis that are looking at something specifically, and Boshi, who seems particularly annoyed at the group. Along with them, a set of eyes are watching this from the distant shadows as well, but will reveal more when I get to the next picture, but will take a little break first. u.u

Very satisfied to finally finish this one; Had some spills that I couldn't clean up too well, but made due wherever I could. I might be overdoing on the subject of 'crossover'; hope I don't overcomplicate it, but just had to put it on display. Took alot of inspiration from several Mario/Yoshi games for background info.

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The points mini contest is finished,  since SonicAndHildaFan11 guessed correctly as to the characters being Yellow (on the left) and Riley (on the right). May have other mini contests for future pics, but will have to wait until then to see. Thanks again! ^_^

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Drawn with copic multiliners and copic sletch markers, with some light photoshopping.

Characters property of Nintendo, Gamefreak, Square and Camelot.
Y-M-P Crossover Part 10: Salutations 2/2 1st draft by animefan-no1
Y-M-P Crossover Part 10: Salutations 2/2 1st draft
This is the 2nd portion of my picture here Y-M-P Crossover Part 10: Salutations 1/2 1st draft by animefan-no1, the ones Yoshi is introducing everyone to, and one of the things Yoshi may have forgotten to mention was 2 humans currently residing and lending a hand on Yoshis Island as well, one of them carrying a Yoshi egg, and the other carrying fruit to share with everyone, along with a  slightly annoyed glasses wearing Yoshi giving them a slightly irritated look, as well as a very massive Yoshi who'd rather eat cookies instead of fruit, sitting by the nest of eggs.

Still a long ways to go and more characters and scenery to add, but will hopefully be finished soon.

Done with copic multiliners.

Characters property of Nintendo/Game Freak/Square.
Y-M-P Crossover Part 10: Salutations 1/2 1st draft by animefan-no1
Y-M-P Crossover Part 10: Salutations 1/2 1st draft
At this point, Yoshi has gotten everyone onto the island, and is introducing Riolu, Azalea and everyone to his clan, Luigi, puzzled, looking at something surprising, Kamelia a bit nervous since Yoshis and Magikoopas have been on uneasy ground since Super Mario World 2, Little T. and Riolu looking with interest and curiosity at the sight, only Azalea giving a smile and a friendly wave as Yoshi introduces them. As to what they're seeing, that will come into effect with the final coloured copy. ^_^

Drawn with copic multiliners, and a Yoshi amiibo to help get a better feel for anatomy. : ) . Even for outlines, hope it looks decent!
Y-M-P Crossover Part 9: Travel to Yoshis Island by animefan-no1
Y-M-P Crossover Part 9: Travel to Yoshis Island
Sorry for lateness, but finally got another piece completed, skipped over a chunk of time from part 8, but here's the basis;     Azalea and Riolu had initially come to and stayed in Toad Town because another enemy had chased after them, so they came to ask Mario and Princess Peach for help; but they had left for a vacation trip days before they arrived at the towns footsteps, so they got help from Merlon and Merluvlee, the shamans of the area. Both of them sensed something special about the 2 and their power. They couldn't tell what, but whatever it was, they couldn't let it fall into evil hands, so they kept watch over them both until they could figure out what to do, and with help from the Dojos Master, Chan and Lee, kept them hidden and protected. On occasion, she'd gone outside Toad Town with Riolu, as well as Merluvlee and Kamelia for protection, to practice her aura training, though since Riolu himself wasn't a master of aura, he was limited to what he could do, but he helped teach her enough to so far grow flowers via channeling her aura into the ground.
    It was on their last training practice that she met up with Yoshi, whom Merluvlee predicted would be the one to help them. She had initially planned to ask for help, but was interrupted by the Trikooperates ambush. After getting everything cleared, though, she finally told Yoshi why she needed to see him; if Azalea and Riolu stayed in Toad Town, they would soon be in danger of being found, but they already had been, so now more than ever, Merluvlee made an impassioned plea; to take both Azalea and Riolu to Yoshis Island to hide them there. Even with her families powers of future reading, they couldn't seem to get any other answers on this new enemy from what they could discern, other than that they had to have hired Karins group to kidnap Azalea and Riolu for them. All they knew was she'd be safer there than here. Yoshi agreed not only to escort them there, but whole-heartedly vowed to protect their lives as best as he could. Kamelia offered to go with him to watch over them, as well as Little T., who'd always dreamed of using his developing karate skills to protect innocent maidens, and Luigi, who hoped he could finally save the girl for a change of pace ( plus, the similarity to Princess Daisy may have played a part, too).

    Once arrangements were made, the next day, the 6 of them rode the whale from Toad Town dock across the oceanscape, until they had finally come across Yoshis Island, Yoshi ecstatic to see his home again, along with the others intrigued to explore the new destination ( except Luigi who foolishly stood underneath he whales blowhole).

Originally called this one part ??? Because I wasn't sure whether or not I'd draw out the other scenarios that happened prior before moving forward. Hope it looks okay! ^_^

Kind of a follow up to part 8: Y-M-P Crossover Part 8: Priorities Final Copy by animefan-no1

Drawn with copic multiliners and copic sletch markers, with some light photoshopping.

Characters property of Nintendo, Gamefreak and Camelot.
Iceberg off of Middle Cove Beach by animefan-no1
Iceberg off of Middle Cove Beach
One of my few copic drawings that doesn't include fictional characters or any cute characters, is a first attempt at drawing a real life landscape off the coast of Middle Cove Beach. Sky, sea and even the iceberg are easy enough, but drawing the terrain, landscape and shading are a big jump in difficulty, only hope it came out okay.

Drawn with copic sketch markers and some prismacolor leads with light photoshopping.


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