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Looney Tune Cosplay: Pepe/Penelope Matrix Reloaded by animefan-no1
Looney Tune Cosplay: Pepe/Penelope Matrix Reloaded
Actually surprised there isn't more pictures depicting it, but decided to do cosplay of Pepe Le Pew as the Merovingian, also known as the Frenchman from The Matrix Reloaded movie, with Penelope Pussycat standing by as his wife Persephone. In the movie, the Merovingian is a powerful program who has sway over many other programs who support him. He also pays little to no attention to his own wife, prefering to show it to random beautiful strangers instead, one way by using special cake that provided literal orgasmic flavor to any who tasted it, making it easier to philander with them; and his wife in turn, tends to undermine many of his business plans and endeavors in return.

In the case of this cosplay, though, Pepe serves nobody except his wife his very special kind of cake, with Penelope very happy with her husband, with or without dining on his special treat. As for what happens to both of them after desert, well.....  that I'll leave to the imagination. u.u

Regardless, hope you enjoy. Comments are always appreciated! ^_^

Drawn with copic multiliner and copic sketch markers.
Pepe le Pew Super Mario Sunshine Paint Skunk TF by animefan-no1
Pepe le Pew Super Mario Sunshine Paint Skunk TF
This is a belated Valentines Day art piece I decided to draw, after seeing some recent Pepe Le Pew art, and Super Mario Sunshine being on my mind again. I know it's a completely random crossover, but seemed right for the holiday!

Basic story, is that the Magic Paintbrush falls into the hands of Pepe Le Pew next. With the power in his hands, and after getting a bit messy with the paintbrush himself, he decides to work towards the betterment of man/fur kind. In order to help others in finding true love, he uses the paintbrush to imbue willing subjects with his essence, gifting them with Pepes charm, suave, and even Pepes skunkish anatomy and good looks as an added bonus. The process can be either quick, taking a swim in Pepes paint pool, the paint seeping into the subjects mind and body, molding and reshaping them until the desired transformation is completed. Afterwards, any further exposure to the same paint will cause it to stick, but can be wiped off, if needed. The second option is slower, but also a good choice, to receive a more personal touch, letting Pepe use his brush to paint the sources body, one limb at a time, until the magic paint reconfigures the subject into Pepes image. Post-tf, all those affected will gain all skunk-related abilities, including the option to use their scent as a weapon. As well, Pepes essence will have also imprint some of his influence onto the subjects mind. The subjects will still retain their sense of self, their memories, and personality post tf, though they will slightly compelled to exude the Pepe-equivalent of charm and suave, along with the ability to speak perfect French when required. The downside is that they will also be imbued with pepes lack of inhibition when pursuing the maiden ( or man, whichever is prefered) of their dreams, as well. Depending, this could be a positive or a negative, all depending on the personality of whomever the target paramour is. With restraint, the subjects can hold back any new aspects in their personality, if desired. Any underage transformations however, will rather than imparting an aggressive intensity for romantic love, will instill a  familial bond of love towards their other skunk family members, one which the older members will also feel as well. Once the younger skunks reach the age of maturity, they will develop their older siblings zeal for romantic love, also. Post-tf, as well, the eye colors of the subjects will carry over from their old form as well, and though most clothing and articles will be dissolved in the paint, a few of them may carry over as well ( evidenced from the glasses, scarf and necklace on the 2 post-tf subjects.)

The picture here shows Pepe with his 2 newest skunk converts, Nuffie and Shinytotodude, relaxing in the pool with a few Swoopin' Stus accompanying them and watching, while Pepe eagerly and delicately finishes sculpting Agent into his 3rd masterpiece.  Also, Penelope Pussycat watches and realizes if Pepe imprints 100 or so subjects with his mindset, the # of Pepe-like skunks romping about could possibly be fatal for her. u.u

Drawn with Copic Multiliners and pencil, and drawn with copic sketch markers and light photoshop editing, and sunk over 6-8+ hours, but was worth it for the final result. Hope it looks decent. Comments are always welcome! ^.^

Pepe Le Pew and Penelope Pussycat are property of Warner Bros.
Mario related portions are property of Nintendo.
Agent is property Agent from FA.
Shinytotodude is property of
Nuffie is property of myself.
Augie Doggie and Doggie Daddy gift art by animefan-no1
Augie Doggie and Doggie Daddy gift art
For the father that always thinks of he as his 'Augie', and for all the love and support he gave me through all my years and even in the here and now, this is my gift to my Dear Ol' Dad ( ashamed to say it was to be ready for Christmas but I put it off a bit) but finally completed it!

Drawn with copic markers and multiliners.

Augie Doggie and Doggie Daddy are property of Hanna Barbera.
Y-M-P Crossover Part 11: Unexpected, 1st draft by animefan-no1
Y-M-P Crossover Part 11: Unexpected, 1st draft
Continuation of Part 10 Y-M-P Crossover Part 10: Salutations (Final Copy) by animefan-no1

This is basically an answer to the question,' What would you do if you for the first time, you saw a unique, cute, fluffy animal walking around?' In this case, you'd probably be tempted to hug it, feel it, examine it, and in rare cases, lick it. Yoshi (green) was able to show alot more restraint when he first met Riolu, but most of the Yoshis Island natives are a little more than curious about the strange creature accompanying the group, with Yoshi, Azalea and co. looking more than a little shocked at the reaction and attention Riolu is receiving, whether unwanted or not. u.u

Not sure where to fit Riley, Yellow and Boshi from the prev picture, but will see whether I can manage it or not. Also will have the rest of the picture coloured and polished up in the next several days. P.S. Sorry about Luigi not being as well drawn as the others, need more practice with him.

Drawn with copic multiliners with some light photoshopping.

Characters property of Nintendo, Gamefreak, Square and Camelot.
Nuffie lvl2, learned 'Summon: Foxfire Elemental' by animefan-no1
Nuffie lvl2, learned 'Summon: Foxfire Elemental'
Decided to post for one of the few original character pics I draw, hoping to improve from my past drawing Fursona Nuffie: Canadian Fox Fur by animefan-no1 for my fursona Nuffie, recently learning how to summon cute, fiery acquaintances to accompany him through his leaf charm necklace. Hope it looks decent! ^_^

Drawn with copic markers, multiliners and opaque white, and some light photoshopping, too!


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